MagnaPower Batteries

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Why MagnaPower Batteries?

You work hard and you need a battery that does too. Case IH MagnaPower™ batteries are the toughest in the field and built to last.


Tough against vibration.

Case IH MagnaPower™ batteries withstand vibrations up to 5G, thanks to heavier lead components. In fact, Case IH batteries are up to 6 lbs. heavier than the competition. Also, an epoxy-flooded base anchors the battery plates in place.

Heat- and cold-resistant.

Our battery uses a flame-treated container with vertical ribs to withstand vibration and hold up better in extreme temperatures. This container is up to 20 percent stronger than the competition's batteries - which aren't designed for heavy-duty, off-road applications.

Better discharge recovery.

Case IH MagnaPower battery plates are made from a hybrid alloy, which allows easier recovery from discharge and more discharge/recharge cycles. This is particularly important for farming equipment, which endures longer periods of dormancy and frequent starts and stops.

Designed for your equipment.

Case IH engineers specifically design our batteries to match the starting and charging system of your farming equipment—saving you money and time spent on maintenance.

Tips to extend your battery life

Keeping your batteries at a full state of charge during dormant periods is the key to fighting sulfation.   Over time, a battery using hybrid alloys will lose water from gassing. Adding distilled water back into your battery will extend its life.