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Kuhn - MM 301

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Kuhn MM 301 Versatility Has Never Been So Simple

The KUHN MM 301 hay merger is designed for easy use and simple adjustments. Ultimately, this makes you more efficient in your crop harvesting, while keeping your forage cleaner than any other crop gathering system.

The KUHN MM 301 is a high performance, yet simple to operate merger for smaller farms focused on high quality hay and forage. Designed to work with mower conditioners from 9’ to 18’ of cutting width, this merger features a wide pickup and belt cross conveyor that can easily be shifted for ideal windrow placement. The windguard, exclusive in its class, evens out crop flow for superior windrow uniformity. Quickly merge two swaths into one in a single pass, or three windrows in two passes for improved harvester efficiency. ​



MM 301
Sale Type
9.5L X 15 (8-ply)
PTO Speed
540 or 1,000 rpm
Pickup Width
9'10" (3 m)
Working Width
9' - 18' (2.7 - 5.5 m)
Conveyor Width
3' (1 m)
Conveyor Length
12'6" (3.8 m)
Transport Width
12'6" (3.8 m)
Pickup Windguard
Number Of Tine Bars
Discharge Capability
Pickup Speed Control
Manual, Optional Electrohydraulic
Hydraulic Header Lift
Hydraulic Tongue Swing
Manual Conveyor Side Shift
2' (6.1 m)
Minimum PTO Power Requirement
50 hp (37 kW)
Manual Pickup Speed Adjustment
Self-contained Hydraulic Drive
Number Of Pickups And Conveyors
ON/OFF Conveyor Control Without Disengaging The Pickup

Kuhn MM 301 3’ Folding Conveyor

The optional conveyor extension allows operation with mower conditioner cutting widths up to 18’.(5.5 m) The extension automatically disengages when folded, while the main conveyor continues to operate.

Kuhn MM 301 High-Capacity Windguard

The optional high-capacity windguard is tailored to operators who are merging higher volume crops, such as ryegrass. The straight design of the windguard reduces any chance of plugging at high speeds. As with the standard curved windguard, you can easily adjust it to match your specific crop type and volume.

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Versatile & Simple"

Kuhn MM 301 Multiple Merging Possibilities

The merger can be operated pulling directly behind the tractor, extended all the way to the right, or anywhere in between for compatibility with various sized mower conditioners.

Kuhn MM 301 Simple, Efficient Windguard

This standard, curved windguard greatly helps create fluffy, well-formed windrows by keeping the crop close to the pickup and delivering it to the center of the belt. This control smooths out crop bunching, resulting in improved harvester efficiency. Simple adjustment points on each end allow the operator to tailor the windguard to the exact crop type and volume. An optional high-capacity windguard is available for operators who merge higher volume crops, such as ryegrass.

Kuhn MM 301 Heavy-Duty Conveyor

The 15-degree angled conveyor provides a seamless transition for the crop as it comes off the pickup. This allows the full capacity of the belt to be utilized in addition to naturally inverting the crop upon discharge.

Kuhn MM 301 Self-Contained Hydraulics

Attaching directly to the tractor PTO, the self-contained hydraulic drive allows the merger to be operated by most tractors regardless of hydraulic capacities. The MM 301 also has steel hydraulic lines on the tongue for longer life and improved system performance.

Kuhn MM 301 Outstanding Flotation

The floating pickup assembly follows the terrain, supported by large-diameter gauge wheels that set the pickup height. This maintains the tine height so that valuable forage is picked up and the crop stubble is protected.

Simple, Time-Saving Features

Kuhn MM 301 Raise and Lower the Pickup

Pickup height is set by adjusting spacers on the gauge wheels, providing an easy, reliable system for maintaining the correct tine height from the ground. The lift linkage for the head includes a slot that allows the head to float over changing terrain without the need for a float position on the tractor’s hydraulic valve. ​

Kuhn MM 301  Belt Tension

The conveyor belt is self-cleaning and requires no tracking adjustment. The quick-release tensioning system simplifies storage and maintenance.

Kuhn MM 301 Simple Drawbar Attachment

Attachment to the tractor is simple. The drawbar hitch allows for fast attachment without cumbersome hitch extensions.

Kuhn MM 301 Reliable Pickup Design

The two-piece poly tine bar bearing greatly simplifies periodic maintenance. Unlike competitive machines, which must remove tine bars and tines to replace worn bearings, the split design allows you to replace the bearing in under one minute. Additionally, bearing life is maximized and friction properties are minimized with a specially formulated bearing material. The MM 301 also features wear sleeves on new stronger tine bars for even longer life, as well as larger cam bearings and cam tracks making the pickup even more reliable.

Options Tailored to Make your Life Easier

Kuhn MM 301 In-Cab Control Terminal

The optional electro-hydraulic controls manage merger functions on the go, fine-tune pickup speed, gather crop at end rows, shift the conveyor, and engage the optional extension, all conveniently from the tractor seat.

All of the following options require the in-cab control terminal.

Kuhn MM 301 Electronic Variable Pickup Speed Control

A manual valve is located on the machine for adjustment as needed. With the optional electronically controlled system, you can quickly and easily adjust the pickup speed from inside the cab on-the-go, to perfectly match crop conditions. With this option you can maximize leaf retention, especially if merging drier legumes, such as alfalfa.

Kuhn MM 301 Hydraulic On/Off Control

Create clean windrows with neat ends to maximize crop uptake and simplify the harvesting process. The simple, single button control allows the belt to be disengaged quickly to keep the crop from being sent into the headland at end rows. The gathered crop can then be sent into the subsequent windrow.

Kuhn MM 301 Conveyor Side Shift

You can manually adjust the conveyor up to 2’ to the right to match up with differing mower and windrow widths. With the optional hydraulically controlled conveyor side shift, you can perform the same function without leaving the cab. This is especially useful if merging behind multiple cutting units of varying widths.