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Kuhn - MM 1101 & 1301

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Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301
The Most Efficient Mergers on the Market Today!

With 36’ and 42’ of pickup in a single pass, the KUHN MM 1101 and MM 1301 Merge Maxx® hay mergers are the largest and most efficient machines on the market today. KUHN hay mergers are designed so you can easily make adjustments without having to leave the comfort of the tractor cab.

With 36’ and 42’ of pickup in a single pass, the KUHN MM 1101 and MM 1301 Merge Maxx® hay mergers are the largest and most efficient mergers on the market. They are unique in the industry and unmatched in their simplicity of operation, durability and merging capabilities. Designed for commercial operations, the MM 1101 and MM 1301 incorporate 6-tine bar cam pickups with exclusive tine arm wear guards and anti-wrapping rings. The floating windguard ensures the operator lays down smooth and even windrows to make the forage harvester more efficient. The crop netting improves leaf retention into the windrow. Simple and durable mechanical floatation on each head eliminates the need to engage float via the tractor’s hydraulics. ISOBUS compatibility, an industry exclusive, is standard and allows for improved operator ergonomics and reduced fatigue.



MM 1101 & 1301
Sale Type
  MM 1101 MM 1301
 Working width 36' (11 m) 42' (13 m)
 Number of pickups and conveyors 3 3
 Individual pickup width 12' (3.7 m) Left pickup : 15' (4.6 m) Center pickup : 12' (3.7 m) Right pickup : 15' (4.6 m)
 Conveyor length 11'10" (3.6 m) Left : 14'10" (4.5 m) Center : 11'10" (3.6 m) Right : 14'10" (4.5 m)
 Conveyor width 3' (1 m) 3' (1 m)
 Discharge capability Right, left, or split Right, left, or split
 Pickup windguard Standard Standard
 Adjustable crop nets Standard Standard
 Number of tine bars 6 6
 Cam followers Sealed roller bearings Sealed roller bearings
 Pickup height 5/8" - 3 1/8" (16 - 80 mm) 5/8" - 3 1/8" (16 - 80 mm)
 Adjustable skid shoes Hydraulic Hydraulic
 Header flotation Constant Float® suspension Constant Float® suspension
 Header suspension travel 14" (+8", -6") 35.6 cm (+20.3 cm, -15.2 cm) 14" (+8", -6") 35.6 cm (+20.3 cm, -15.2 cm)
Hitch 2-point swivel, Cat. 3/4N/4, quick hitch compatible 2-point swivel, Cat. 3/4N/4, quick hitch compatible
 Self-contained hydraulic drive Standard Standard
 Pickup speed control via ISOBUS terminal via ISOBUS terminal
 Conveyor direction control via ISOBUS terminal via ISOBUS terminal
 ON/OFF conveyor control without disengaging the pickup via ISOBUS terminal via ISOBUS terminal
 Pickup height gauge via ISOBUS terminal via ISOBUS terminal
 Transport width 12' (3.7 m) 12' (3.7 m)
 Transport length 29' (8.8 m) 32' (9.8 m)
 Transport height 12' 5" (3.8 m) 12' (3.7 m)
Tires Standard 550/45-22.5 flotation tires, mounted Standard 550/45-22.5 flotation tires, mounted
 Central lube system Standard Standard
 PTO 1 3/8" shaft - 21 spline 1 3/8" shaft - 21 spline
 PTO speed 1,000 rpm 1,000 rpm
 Minimum PTO power requirement 140 hp (104 kW) 140 hp (104 kW)
 Road lights and signaling Standard Standard
 Required tractor electrical connections 1 SAE 7 pin light connection, 12V power, ISOBUS plug 1 SAE 7 pin light connection, 12V power, ISOBUS plug
 Required tractor hydraulic connections 3 DA; no float valve required 3 DA; no float valve required
 Approximate machine weight 17,000 lbs (7,711 kg) 17,700 lbs (8,030 kg)

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Auto-Lube Grease Pump

The automatic grease pump is a field installed option and eliminates daily greasing. The grease pump sends grease through the central lubrication system to all of the daily grease points. The central lubrication system and the grease pump reduce maintenance time and keep the machine running efficiently.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 ISOBUS Compatibility

To simplify operation with a wide variety of tractors, the MM 701, MM 890, MM 1101 and MM 1301 are ISOBUS compatible for plug and play capability. If the operator has an ISOBUS compatible terminal, they can control all machine functions on that screen. For controlling the machine on a non-ISOBUS tractor, an operator can purchase the VT 30, CCI 50, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 with harness running off a 12V power source. (VT 30 - only MM 701 and MM 890)

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 The World’s Only ISOBUS-Compatible Hay Mergers

 These user interfaces save you valuable time and money in order to get you in and out of the field faster. Let’s look a bit closer into the heart of the world's first ISOBUS compatible hay mergers.

1- With the electronically controlled speed adjustment system, an operator can quickly and easily adjust pickup speed inside the cab on-the-go to perfectly match crop conditions. With this you can maximize leaf retention, especially if merging drier legumes such as alfalfa. If heavy grass crops, the pickups can also be sped up to promote faster working speeds.

2- In automatic mode, the merger will adjust pickup speed automatically as ground speed varies. This maximizes pickup efficiency while minimizing damage to crop and wear of the pickup.

3- Acre and hour counters can be used by reading the tractor's speed and machine width to aid in recording custom operations.

4- The electronic conveyor directional control allows operators to rapidly change the direction from all left, all right or split directly from the operator’s seat by simply touching the appropriate key. Operators merging in fields with varying volume throughout may find this particularly valuable.

5- Cleanout mode can be activated in the instance of a plugged machine. This feature lets the operator unplug and cleanout the machine from the cab without ever having to leave the tractor cab.

6- Pickup efficiency indicates relative capacity of the pickups giving a visual indication to the operator of machine capacity.

7- The hydraulically adjustable pickup height allows an operator to easily make changes from the terminal via the skid shoe adjustment. Height change is synchronized and accomplished through a cylinder mounted on each head. Relative height is visible via the gauge on the terminal.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Swathboard

The optional right side swathboard, on the MM 1101 & MM 1301, mimics the windrow formation of a rotary rake. With this simple bolt-on device, you can make a well-formed, boxy windrow, well suited for a baler. Additionally, forage harvester operators will find it improves windrow formation even further, increasing harvester efficiency.

your benefits

Versatile and Adaptable to Your Environment

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Multiple Delivery Options

The MM 1101 and MM 1301 can merge crop to the left, right, split or with either wing in the raised position. Having the ability to raise the wings independently is particularly useful for opening up fields, merging around obstacles or cleaning up point rows in irregularly shaped fields.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Narrow & Simple Transport

The simple folding design allows quick transition from field to road. Transport is a narrow 12’1” wide. Balanced tongue weight during transport and in the field helps you maintain control at all times. At 10 GPM of hydraulic flow, field to transport position is possible in approximately 12 seconds

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 No Steering Axle Required

The MM 1101 and MM 1301 do not require a steering axle, even on steep hillsides. This is a result of its short wheelbase and is an advantage over competitive mergers. This simplification reduces routine maintenance and improves overall reliability. An added benefit of the short wheelbase is reduced tongue weight, so the tractor does not get “pushed around” by the merger.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Constant Float® Suspension

A simple and effective mechanical spring suspension system is utilized for superior float characteristics. This unique design, inspired by the proven KUHN trailed mower, eliminates complicated hydraulic requirements and the need for tractor float valve engagement, unlike other mergers in the industry.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Floating Skid Shoes

Dual, wide skid shoes allow each head to rapidly adapt to undulating field conditions while maintaining very low ground pressure. Floating skid shoes are a KUHN exclusive. The pivoting action allows the pickups to float over pivot tracks and rough terrain. Additionally, the special shape and pivoting of the shoe allow for self-cleaning when lifted into headland position to eliminate crop buildup. The skid shoes are reversible on their mounts for even wear and longer life.

It Starts with the Pickup

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 High-Capacity Pickups with Integrated Frames

Commercially designed pickups treat crop gently yet are built and tested for extreme use. The central cam design with large heavy-duty sealed cam followers provide extra-long life even in the toughest conditions. KUHN high-capacity pickups are designed and built with integrated frames to improve the strength and durability of the pickups and keep the machine looking clean as there is no place for crop to catch and build up.

  Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Floating Windguard and Standard Crop Netting

The floating windguard eliminates the need to make adjustments when merging different crops or cuttings. The simple geometry of the floating linkage means the windguard is automatically optimized for differing volumes of crop. The long, curved guiding fingers provide excellent crop guidance onto the center of the belt for fluffy and even windrow creation.

Standard crop netting greatly limits leaf loss during transition to the belt and ultimately improves leaf incorporation in the windrow. You can adjust the netting from being fully extended to halfway to match your needs.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyors

Commercial-grade belt conveyors allow the crop to be effectively transitioned into the windrow, regardless of discharge side. The conveyor belt is self-cleaning and requires no tracking adjustments. Each conveyor has an easy-to-access splice for fast removal or replacement, if necessary due to maintenance and normal wear.

A quick-release belt tensioning system simplifies storage and routine adjustment. Easy adjustment from one side maintains uniform pressure over the width of the belt. It is recommended to take the tension off of the belts in between cuttings and during the off season.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Anti-Wrapping Discs

To minimize wrapping in long crops, such as oats or long grasses, patented HDPE anti-wrapping discs are installed at the ends of the pickups and rotate with the tine bars. This small improvement reduces dead space, where long crop likes to wrap, as seen with all pickup-style mergers.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Self-Contained Hydraulics

The hydraulic drive pumps oil through the main hydraulic blocks to run all the functions of the machine, including the pickup speed, belt direction and pickup height. All of these functions are electronically controlled via the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal, or the optional KUHN CCI 50, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminals. The MM 1101 and 1301 have larger main steel lines with cleaner hose routings leading to valve blocks now mounted on each head. These features improve hydraulic system efficiency resulting in greater machine capacity. A standard oil cooler provides even greater performance for even the toughest of field conditions.

Time Saving Features

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Greasing System

A standard central grease valve ensures all key points are greased easily from one location.

To also cut down on maintenance, a ¼ turn valve shuts off oil during filter changes and the handle sticks up preventing the shield from closing, so the machine is not operated with the oil shut off. Additionally, a larger fill port cuts down on oil change time.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 2-Point Hitch

The specially designed 2-point hitch makes hookup quick and easy. The swiveling headstock eliminates driveline chatter and allows up to 90-degree turns. The hitch is Cat. 3/4/4N quick hitch compatible. An integrated dual stand provides a large footprint and swings and locks easily when attached to the tractor.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Bearing Wear Sleeves

Exclusive in the industry, standard bearing wear sleeves maximize tine bar life by providing an easily replaceable split mounting surface. If you’re merging in abrasive soils, you’ll especially appreciate this feature as a wear guard can easily be replaced, with the tine bar installed in under one minute.

Kuhn MM 1101 & 1301 Split Bearing Design

 The two-piece, poly tine-bar bearing greatly simplifies periodic maintenance. Its design allows you to replace the bearing in under one minute, unlike competitive machines which require you to remove tine bars and tines to replace worn bearings. Additionally, a specially formulated bearing material maximizes bearing life and minimizes friction.