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Kuhn - FB Series

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Kuhn FB Series
Simple & Easy to Use

KUHN FB 119 and 2130 fixed chamber balers are the right round balers for the job if you're looking to produce consistent, dense silage bales with impressive speed and efficiency.

KUHN FB 119 and 2130 fixed chamber balers are the right round balers for the job if you're looking to produce consistent, dense silage bales with impressive speed and efficiency.

 These balers The FB 119 features an open throat intake system resulting in unrestricted intake for maximum capacity in silage conditions. For greater flexibility, choose between a non-cutting OptiFeed rotor and 14-knife OptiCut cutting rotor on the FB 2130 to best meet your needs. PowerTrack rollers provide greater surface area for maximum compression, resulting in solid bales. To best suit your operation's needs, the KUHN FB 119 and 2130 come equipped with your choice of net or twine binding. Conveniently control each of these balers from the comfort of your tractor seat with the in-cab AT-10 monitor.

FB Series
Sale Type
 Bale size - width x diameter 4' X 4' 4' X 4'
 Bale diameter 49" (124 cm) 49" (124 cm)
 Bale width 48" (122 cm) 48" (122 cm)
 Bale chamber 14 rollers 14 rollers
 Transport width 7'7" (230 cm) 7'8"/8'8" (234/264 cm)
 Electronic monitor AT-10 monitor with left/right indicator AT-10 monitor with left/right indicator
 Pickup width 66" (168 cm) 91" (230 cm)
 Number of pick-up tine bars 4 4
 Pickup gauge wheels Fixed Pivot/Fixed standard
 Pickup wind guard Standard Standard with crop roller
 Intake system Open throat OptiFeed/OptiCut 14
 Bale packaging system Choice of twine or net systems Choice of twine or net systems
 Bale kicker Optional Optional
 PTO power requirement 70/80 hp (52/60 kW) 75/85 hp (56/63 kW)
 PTO speed Standard 540 rpm Standard 540 rpm
 PTO type Standard PTO (1 3/8' - 6 spline) with shear bolt Standard PTO (1 3/8' - 6 spline) with cam clutch
 Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 SA and 1 DA 1 SA and 1 DA for OptiFeed and 2 DA for OptiCut 14
 Tires 11.5/80-15 11.5/80-15, Optional 15.0/55-17
 Road lights and signaling Standard Standard
Minimum machine weight 4,600 lbs (1,950 kg) OptiFeed: 6,173 lbs (2,800 kg) OptiCut 14: 6,504 lbs (2,950 kg)

Kuhn FB Series AT-10 Monitor

The in-cab monitor provides clear and easy to read information and gives full command of the baling process. An audible and visual alarm signals when the bale is ready. A choice in automatic or manual start of the tying process can be preselected.

Kuhn FB Series Chain Lubrication

Chain lubrication and greasable roller bearings as option available. The roller bearings can be greased from four conveniently reachable grease banks.

Kuhn FB Series Bale Ramp

To maximize capacity when wrapping with net wrap. This creates the ability to open the tailgate, drop the bale and close the tailgate all at the same position.

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Intake Options to Meet Your Operation’s Needs

Kuhn FB Series Pickup

The newly designed pickup on the FB 2130 gathers the heaviest of windrows even at high forward speeds. The pendulum system and 91" wide intake with height adjustable guide wheels accurately carry the pickup over every ground contour. The pickup roller helps to even out the flow of material into the Integral Rotor, regardless of the crop conditions.

Kuhn FB Series Integral Rotor Techology

The large diameter rotor on the FB 2130 has heavy-duty auger flighting which is integrated directly onto the outer sections of the rotor.
This system is called Integral Rotor Technology. This maintenance-free and short distance intake system ensures even feeding regardless of variations in the crop. With this system, even the heaviest of crops are force-fed through the intake, resulting in higher forward speeds for outstanding productivity.

Kuhn FB Series OptiFeed & OptiCut 14 – FB 2130"

Where chopping is not required, the OptiFeed Integral Rotor will feed the crop directly into the bale chamber. The FB 2130 can also be equipped with a cutter, the OptiCut 14. The 14 knives cut the crop to a maximum of 2.75". Each single knife is spring protected against damage. When the obstruction is passed the knife will automatically return to its cutting position.

Kuhn FB Series Drop Floor Technology

The intake unit is protected by the main PTO clutch. If a plug occurs the PTO clutch is automatically activated. In addition, the complete cutting floor, including the knives, can be lowered. First the cutting floor will be lowered automatically followed by the knives. After the plug is cleared, the cutting floor, including the knives, can be brought back into the working position. In extreme circumstances KUHN provides double security by rotor disengagement clutch which separates the rotor drive so the bale can be finished.

Kuhn FB Series Open Throat Intake – FB 119

With the open throat design, with 66" pickup, there is no restriction on the crop as it feeds into the baler.

Thought-Out Bale Chamber
Kuhn FB Series  Bale Chamber

Producing silage and hay bales each season can be tough and well thought-out designs are demanded.

To compress the crop into bales with a consistent size and density, the baling process has to be as effective as possible while being gentle on the crop.

The 14 PowerTrack rollers equipped with a unique ribbed profile provide optimal traction and compression. Together, with PowerLock, the KUHN fixed balers exceed the requirement in every aspect.

Kuhn FB Series PowerTrack

The 14 steel rollers, with an asymmetrical profile, ensure a reliable bale rotation without stoppages. The PowerTrack rollers start to rotate the core of the bale as fast as possible to ensure maximum compression.

Thanks to the asymmetrical profile maximum rotation, traction and compression are assured for producing solid bales.

The high-grade steel rollers are constructed from two overlapped pressed sections which are then fully seam-welded for maximum rigidity. Radial support rings located inside each roller creates additional strength, while the end plate and roller stub shafts are forged in one piece.

Kuhn FB Series PowerLock

Strong rear door hydraulic cylinders work in combination with a hydraulic lock valve to produce maximum bale density. The accumulator levels off peak loads on the rear door and automatically protects from overloading. For those who need diverse bale densities the pressure can be manually set to a maximum of 2,465 PSI.

Kuhn FB Series Driveline

Each roller has heavy-duty bearings and are bolted onto the side walls of the bale chamber for easy access and maintenance. The FB 2130 has an automatic cam clutch protection on the PTO drive shaft.

Bale Binding Solutions

Kuhn FB Series Twine System

Use of the double twine tying system reduces the tying cycle time to a minimum. The twine system can be easily programmed with a preselected choice or you can customize your own settings with the baler monitor from the tractor seat.

During the tying process, both twines start at the bale center and overlap themselves, then move to the edges of the bale. Then, the twines gradually move back to the center. At the final stage, the twines overlap to ensure that they are tied and there are no loose ends.

Kuhn FB Series Net Wrap System

The net wrap system provides the bale with a tight and even wrap from edge to edge. The net is fed into the front of the bale chamber to secure an even and direct start. A second net roll storage guarantees sufficient net supply for a long working day.