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Kuhn - SLC 100 Series

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Kuhn SLC 100 Series
Maximum Spreading Efficiency

Maximize your productivity and performance with the KUHN Knight SLC 100 Series ProTwin® Slinger® manure spreaders. Truck-mount and trailer models are available with capacities ranging from 2,600 to 5,000 gallons.

KUHN Knight SLC 100 Series ProTwin® Slinger® commercial manure spreaders set the standard for fast, efficient spreading. Maximize your productivity and performance with our large-capacity truck-mount or trailer models. The unique twin-auger design and exclusive v-body construction allow the Slinger to handle the widest variety of materials compared to any spreader on the market. Complete adjustability of the wide discharge improves material breakup for more consistent, even spreading. New hammers are designed for less wear and longer life. These spreaders provide the ideal combination of efficiency, versatility, and rugged durability to give you maximum return for your equipment dollars. If you need one machine to handle all of your diverse spreading needs, look to the SLC 100 Series ProTwin Slinger manure spreaders.

SLC 100 Series
Sale Type
Struck Level 2,600 gal (9,842 L) 2,600 gal (9,842 L) 3,200 gal (12,113 L) 3,200 gal (12,113 L) 4,100 gal (15,520 L) 4,100 gal (15,520 L) 5,000 gal (18,927 L)
Struck Level 350 ft³ (10 m³) 350 ft³ (10 m³) 430 ft³ (12.2 m³) 430 ft³ (12.2 m³) 550 ft³ (15.6 m³) 550 ft³ (15.6 m³) 670 ft³ (19 m³)
Heaped 540 ft³ (15.3 m³) 540 ft³ (15.3 m³) 645 ft³ (18.3 m³) 645 ft³ (18.3 m³) 820 ft³ (23.2 m³) 820 ft³ (23.2 m³) 965 ft³ (27.3 m³)
Maximum Net Load 26,000 lbs (11,793 kg) 26,000 lbs (11,793 kg) 32,000 lbs (14,515 kg) 32,000 lbs (14,515 kg) 41,000 lbs (18,597 kg) 41,000 lbs (18,597 kg) 50,000 lbs (22,680 kg)
 Overall Length 281" (714 cm) 281" (714 cm) 289" (734 cm) 220" (559 cm) 337" (856 cm) 274" (696 cm) 337" (856 cm)
 Inside Hopper Length 192" (488 cm) 192" (488 cm) 192" (488 cm) 192" (488 cm) 240" (610 cm) 240" (610 cm) 240" (610 cm)
 Top Inside Hopper Width 83" (211 cm) 83" (211 cm) 90" (229 cm) 90 " (229 cm) 90" (229 cm) 90 " (229 cm) 96" (244 cm)
 Overall Height - Top of Splash Guards 91" (231 cm) 91" (231 cm) 102" (259 cm) 128" (325 cm) 104" (264 cm) 128" (325 cm) 113" (287 cm)
 Overall Height - Top of Lid - - 116" (295 cm) 142" (361 cm) 128" (325 cm) 142" (361 cm) 137" (348 cm)
 Loading Height     96" (244 cm) 118" (300 cm) 94" (238 cm) 118" (300 cm) 103" (262 cm)
 Overall Width 107" (272 cm) 107" (272 cm) 120" (305 cm) 117" (297 cm) 132" (335 cm) 117" (297 cm) 139" (353 cm)
 Tread Width 107" (272 cm) 107" (272 cm) 114" (290 cm) 96" (244 cm) 132" (335 cm) 96" (244 cm) 139" (353 cm)
 Unit Weight 9,500 lbs (4,309 kg) 9,500 lbs (4,309 kg) 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg) 8,821 lbs (4,001 kg) 16,500 lbs (7,484 kg) 9,800 lbs (4,445 kg) 20,500 lbs (9,300 kg)
 Minimum PTO Power Requirement 130 hp (97 kW) 130 hp (97 kW) 150 hp (112 kW) - 180 hp (134 kW) - 225 hp (168 kW)

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Truck Mount Models

The SLC 132 and 141 are available as a truck mount for applications requiring longer travel distances. Mechanical and hydrostatic drive options are available.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Scale System

 A scale system is available for all SLC models, providing accurate application and tracking of applied nutrients. This system, combined with the latest scale head technology, provides integrated manure application management and record keeping capabilities. Trailer models feature a 5-point system of four weigh bars in the wheel spindles and one in the hitch. Truck models use a 3-point system.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Hydraulic Disc Brakes

 Hydraulic disc brakes are optional for SLC 126, 132, 141 models and standard on SLC 150 trailer models. Brakes provide additional stopping capabilities for faster stopping of the heavy loads hauled by these high-capacity machines.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Hydraulic Lid

The lid can be raised and lowered hydraulically and provides secure closure to haul slurry-type materials. While it is not completely water tight, it does an excellent job helping to contain semi-liquid materials without worry of spills during transport.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Dual-Seal Bearings

Dual-seal bearings are designed to keep liquid in the tank and away from the critical drive components. With these seals, liquid manure and other caustic liquids are less able to penetrate the Nylatron bearings or contaminate the oil bath reservoir.

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The First of Its Kind, ProTwin® Design

Kuhn SLC 100 Series ProTwin® Design

The raised, right auger moves material rearward to keep the load level. The left, lower auger moves material forward to continuously feed the discharge door.

// Consistent Flow to the Discharge
The steep, slanted sides help provide a reliable material flow, continuously feeding material down to the augers. Combined with the unique auger design, this helps ensure constant delivery of material to the swinging hammer discharge.

// Eliminates Bridging
The well-proven, twin-auger design eliminates material bridging. The two augers work together to create a bidirectional flow that provides constant agitation and steady movement, even with the most challenging materials.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Multi-Purpose Spreader

The continuously welded V-body tank will hold both wet and dry materials. From soupy manure, to semi-solids, separated solids, compost, bedding pack, mulch and many other materials, the ProTwin® Slinger® can fit the needs of your operation.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Rugged Undercarriage

The heavy-duty undercarriage is built for dependable service under heavy use in the toughest conditions, including hauling sand-laden manure. All SLC models come standard with tandem axles.

Fast Unloading with Consistent Spread Pattern
Kuhn SLC 100 Series Enhanced Hammer Design
 A new hammer design features more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. The new fully adjustable shroud helps decrease wear, extending life even further. Nylon bushings and washers help prevent premature wear to the bolts, hammers and hammer shaft ears.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Wide, 18-Hammer Discharge

All SLC 100 Series commercial models feature a wide, 18-hammer discharge for fast, efficient unloading of all material types. The increased discharge of the SLC 125 and 132 offers a 20% increase in unloading capacity compared to a 15-hammer discharge. The wide, aggressive hammers effectively shear material and provide a consistent, even spread pattern.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Adjustable Shroud and Sill

The two-piece shroud and sill design provides full adjustment for optimal setting of the clearance between the shroud/sill and hammers. Maintaining the proper clearance enhances the shearing performance of the hammers to provide a more consistent material flow and more even spreading. The sill on the SLC is also easily replaceable, making maintenance simple.

Independent adjustment of the shroud (front) and sill (rear) allows you to maintain the proper clearance around the full internal radius. This helps ensure that material is more effectively carried on the faces of the hammers for decreased wear and a lower horsepower requirement.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Adjustable Deflector

The hydraulically adjustable deflector provides the ability to conveniently regulate the spread pattern from the tractor seat while spreading. This allows close control of the spreading width for accurate nutrient placement. The deflector stores in the down position and although it is not water tight, it completely closes off the discharge area to help prevent material loss during transport.

Heavy-Duty, Low-Maintenance Drive

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Durable, Heavy-Duty Drive

The durable, heavy-duty drive requires minimal maintenance and provides years of reliable service. All rear chains and sprockets have been eliminated. The entire drive is now enclosed in the front oil bath which provides constant lubrication of the chains, bearings and sprockets.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Independent Auger Protection

The drive of the SLC 100 Series manure spreaders incorporates individual shear protection for each auger. The shear bolts are conveniently located in the oil bath enclosure for easy access. They provide effective protection for the chains, sprockets, bearings and shafts against damage due to overload, wedging and obstructions.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Fully Welded Sprockets and Shafts

The three main drive shafts are fully welded and removable. This allows for easier service with no keys and set screws to hassle with during maintenance.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Added Shear Protection

Both augers feature upgraded shearbolt protection on the transfer paddles. Transfer paddles on the right auger deliver material to the left auger. The paddles on the left auger deliver material to the discharge. The paddles are also split for easy removal and replacement if necessary.

Kuhn SLC 100 Series Overrunning Clutch on Hammer Shaft

The overrunning clutch on the hammer shaft allows it to rotate freely when the PTO is disengaged. This reduces backlash on the PTO and on the spreader drive components for less wear and longer life.