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Kuhn - PS 235 & PS 242

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Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242
Big Benefits in a Small Package

KUHN Knight PS 235 and 242 ProSpread® apron box spreaders are non-commercial spreaders that provide an affordable option for producers without sacrificing quality. With capacities of 275 and 360 ft³, these machines are ideal for small dairy, feeder, and cow/calf operations.

KUHN Knight PS 235 and 242 ProSpread® apron box spreaders are non-commercial spreaders that provide an affordable option for producers without sacrificing quality. The PS 235 and PS 242 are designed for small dairy, feeder, and cow/calf operations that process a wide array of semi-solid and solid materials. An all-steel welded box construction and two-piece poly floor give you a machine that is built to last. Choose between horizontal, VertiSpread® vertical beaters or the AccuSpread® spinner discharge to best fit the spreading needs of your operation. These spreaders, with heaped capacities of 275 and 360 ft³, feature a low loading height, are easy to maneuver around the farm and provide more efficient use of manure with exceptional spreading and metering capabilities.



PS 235 & PS 242
Sale Type
 Overall Length 249"/263" (632/668 cm) 272"/287"/298" (691/729/757 cm)
 Inside Box Length 168" (427 cm) 195" (495 cm)
 Inside Box Depth 26" (66 cm) 30" (76 cm)
 Inside Box Width 72" (183 cm) 72" (183 cm)
 Overall Height - Top of Beaters 82"/91" (208/231 cm) 83"/91"/93" (211/231/236 cm)
 Overall Height - Top of Thrown Object Shield -/104" (-/264 cm) -/109"/109" (-/277/277 cm)
 Loading Height 64" (163 cm) 68" (173 cm)
 Overall Tread Width 118" (300 cm) 121" (307 cm)
 Ground Clearance 16" (41 cm) 16" (41 cm)
 Unit Weight 6,100/7,000 lbs (2,767/3,175 kg) 7,400/8,300/9,300 lbs (3,357/3,765/4,218 kg)
 Minimum PTO Power Requirement 80/90 hp (60/67 kW) 90/100/100 hp (67/75/75 kW)

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Optional Scales Package

The PS 242-270 can be paired with a scale package which allows the operator to precisely manage and track manure applications. A five-point scale platform provides increased accuracy and durability.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Thrown Object Shield

The standard thrown object shield better protects the tractor and driver from flying debris. The grated design allows for easy viewing of the unloading process. Optional extensions provide greater protection by increasing both height and width.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Manual Flow Control

For tractors that don’t have flow control capabilities, the manual flow control allows the operator to easily adjust the apron speed to suit specific materials or speeds. This increases flexibility when spreading a variety of materials.

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Built To Last

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242  All-Steel, Welded Construction

  An all-steel construction provides the backbone and solid framework for these spreaders. This simple, yet effective design keeps the sides and beater panels aligned for the life of the machine. The side of the box is constructed using 10-gauge steel, creating a seamless construction which reduces wear and increases protection against side rust through. The all-welded construction includes a reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the axle for added strength and durability.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Two-Piece Poly Floor

 A two-piece, ⅝” solid poly floor provides more strength and durability than individual tongue and groove boards while reducing friction. This means that less power is required for unloading versus alternative steel or wooden floors. The two-piece design allows for expansion or contraction with changing temperatures, and provides greater impact resistance when dropping heavy loads into the spreader. The plastic floor also reduces winter freeze-down issues to provide trouble-free service and long life.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Dual-Apron Design

A dual apron provides consistent and reliable material flow to the beaters. This design also results in greater rigidity and longevity for both the apron chains and slats. You have the choice of T-bar or 667X pintle apron chain.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Center-Mounted Driveline

 This simple design eliminates the need for extra chains and sprockets that are necessary for a side-mounted driveline. This design also provides extra protection against accidental damage during use.

PS242_HydraulicDriveMotor_01.jpg Hydraulic Apron Drive

 A hydraulically driven apron means fewer moving parts to worry about. This system provides independent operation of the beaters and apron, resulting in even, controlled spreading of many different types of solid materials and allows you to easily achieve targeted application rates. An overload relief valve is mounted directly to the hydraulic motor for built-in protection of the apron drive.

Choice of Beaters to Match Your Spreading Needs
Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Horizontal Beaters
 Horizontal beaters continue the classic design from KUHN Knight’s beginning. Horizontal beaters work well with a variety of materials and allow heavy application rates at higher speeds since the spread pattern is narrower. Standard with one 26” beater. An additional 14” upper beater and 10” lower beater are available for increased material breakup.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 VertiSpread® Vertical Beaters

VertiSpread® vertical beaters provide quality spreading performance for a wider variety of dry materials, from tough materials like pen pack, to finer materials like dry dirt compost. They can provide the same fast unloading and high application rates as horizontal beaters, but with a wider spread pattern and more consistent material breakup.

Heavy-duty, 3/8” thick beaters provide a wide, consistent spread pattern. All beaters are equipped with bolt-on teeth which makes maintenance and replacement easy. Beater teeth can be upgraded to heavy-duty, heat-treated teeth to increase durability and longevity. Power to the beaters is routed through a fully enclosed, integral gearbox, providing a strong and reliable power supply with low maintenance requirements. For greater machine versatility, VertiSpread vertical beater modules are removable for safe storage while stockpiling or for other use.

PS242trSB_Sil_01.png AccuSpread® Spinner Module

The new Gen II AccuSpread® spinner discharge provides the widest, most uniform spread pattern available, and coupled with the use of the metering gate, is able to accurately spread nutrient-dense materials at low rates. The helical-style beater flighting provides excellent material breakup, even in tough materials such as pen pack. A free-floating lower deflector ensures that the material is placed on the spinner discs correctly, but also allows for movement in case of an obstruction or surge in material.

Tailor Your Machine

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Swinging & Guillotine Endgates

 A traditional swinging endgate provides material control, ensuring that no material is lost during loading or travel. The guillotine endgate provides excellent metering capability for operators who want better control over their manure application. Guillotine endgate only available on PS 242 units ordered with the VertiSpread or AccuSpread module.

Kuhn PS 235 & PS 242 Axle & Tire Options

A wide selection of axle and tire options allows purchasers to specifically tailor a unit to their operational needs. The PS 235 has an 8-bolt single, 10-bolt single and an 8-bolt tandem axle available. The PS 242 comes standard with an 8-bolt tandem axle.