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Bush Hog® 14215 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

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Bush Hog® 14215 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter
Heavy-Duty Crop Residue and Pasture Cutter

The Bush Hog 14215 is a row crop and pasture maintenance beast! This 15’ Multi-Spindle makes short work of cutting unwanted crop residue and pasture overgrowth. This cutter differs from conventional Multi-Spindle Cutters in that it incorporates overlapped but non-timed cutting circles. This design allows for each gearbox to have Slip-Clutch protection in lieu of rigid cross-shafts found on other Multi-Spindle cutters. Axle arms can be positioned precisely to specific row spacings. The galvanized deck provides extra rust protection in environments such as crop fields and pastures where fertilizer and herbicides are often used. Available as a Lift-Type, 1000RPM unit with Round Blade Pan and 21” Laminated Tires only. Due to its weight and overall size, this cutter requires at least a 125HP tractor to operate effectively.

14215 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter
Sale Type
Bush Hog
Models 14215
Cutting Width 180″
Cutting Height 2″ – 16″2″ – 16″
Cutting Capacity 3 1/2″
Hitch Type Cat 2 & 3 Std & QH
Deck Thickness 7ga
Sideband Thickness 1/4″
Sideband Height 10″
Driveline Cat 5
Driveline Protection 4-Plate Slip-Clutch
Transfer Gearbox (hp) 210
Cutting Gearbox (hp) 205
Tractor PTO Speed 1000
Minimum Tractor PTO HP 125
Blade Holder Round Pan
Blades 1/2″ x 4″ Uplift
Blade Tip Speed (fpm) 17,280/15,708
Tires 21″ Laminated
Deflector Type Belt/Belt
Approximate Weight (lb) 3,700
Gearbox Warranty (yrs) 10

Performance Features

  • 15-Foot Wide Galvanized Deck
  • Offset Cutting Circles Eliminates Blade Timing
  • Multi-Plate Slip-Clutches Protect Center and Outboard Gearboxes
  • Multi-Position Axle Arms Accommodate Varied Row Crop Spacings

Construction Features

  • Heavy-Duty Cat II & III Standard & Quick Hitch
  • 1000RPM 1-3/8″-21 Input Gearbox Only
  • 10″ Tall Sidebands
  • 7ga High-Strength Steel Deck
  • 7ga Structural Tube Strongbacks
  • 7ga Round Blade Pan/Stump Jumper
  • Heavy-Duty Axle Arms with Spring Cushions
  • 21″ Laminated Tires

Safety Features

  • Front Rubber Belting
  • Rear Metal Band
  • Driveline Shields
  • Input Gearbox PTO Shield