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Bush Hog® 181 Series Rear Mounted Blades

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Bush Hog® 181 Series Rear Mounted Blades

Let Bush Hog®’s new 181-Series Blades give you the strength and durability to pave a new way. Perfect for road building and maintenance, snow removal, terracing, backfilling, and grading these blades can handle any scrape. These new series of rear mounted blades are available in 9-feet and 10-feet and recommended for tractors from 140 HP up to 180 HP. Standard features include 3-point ASAE Category II and Category III hitches with Quick Hitch compatibility, 5-inch King Pin, 1/2-inch x 6-inch cutting edges, and 19-inch moldboard height. These blades also feature manual or hydraulic offset, angle, and tilt adjustments. Other available options include heavy duty skid shoes, as well as, heavily constructed end plates.

181 Series Rear Mounted Blades
Sale Type
Bush Hog
Model HDRG181
Maximum Tractor HP 180 HP (2WD), 140 (4WD)
Hitch 3-Pt. ASAE Category II, III & Quick Hitch Compatible
Moldboard Width 9-feet, 10-feet
Moldboard Height 19-inches
Cutting Edge 1/2-inch x 6-inches
King Pin Diameter 5-inches
Tilt Adjustment 15° up or down (manual or hydraulic)
Offset Adjustment 37-inches left or right (manual or hydraulic)
OFFSET ADJUSTMENT 37 in. left or right (manual or hyd.)
Angle Adjustment 45° left or right (manual or hydraulic)
Parking Stand Standard

Performance Features

  • Category I, II Quick Hitch Compatible
  • 9 and 10-feet Operating Widths
  • 1/2-inch x 6-inches Cutting Edge
  • Up to 180 HP

Construction Features

  • Hydraulic Offset, Angle & Tilt Options
  • 5-inche King Pin
  • Heavy Duty Skid Shoes & End Plate Options