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Bush Hog® 2120 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

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Wide-Area Pasture Flex-Wing

The Bush Hog® 2120 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter is designed to cut grass, weeds, and brush up to 2” in diameter. The perfect cutter for maintaining large pastures, open parks, and airports, where clipping distribution is paramount for presenting a clean, manicured appearance. Fully-baffled decks increase directional air flow allowing the blades to guide clippings across the entire width of the cutter. EZ-clean decks, EZ-adjust leveling rods, EZ-lube drivelines, and multiple grease points, make maintaining the 2120 a snap. Invest in the 2120, and it will reward you with years of excellent performance and dependable service.
The 2120 comes standard with Distribution Baffles and Single Row Safety Chains, along with your choice of Perma-Level or 2-5/8” Ball Hitch, 540 or 1,000RPM CV Input Drivelines, Center Dual or Walking Tandem Axles, Wing Single, Dual, or Walking Tandem Axles, and 5

2120 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter
Sale Type
Bush Hog
Models 2120
Cutting Width 20-feet
Cutting Height 1 1/2-inches to 14-inches
Hitch Perma-Level
Minimum Tractor PTO H.P. 70
Approximate Weight (lb.) 6,100
Approximate Tongue Weight (lb.) 2,100
Side Band 1/4-inch x 12-inches
Blades 1/2-inch x 4-inches Parallel lift
Blade Holder 7ga Round Pan
PTO drivelines EZ-LUBE ASAE CAT 6 (540) or Cat 5 (1,000)
Wing Drivelines ASAE Cat 4
Wing Flex 22° Down to 87° up
Wing Cutting Angles 22° down to 45° up
Splitter Gearbox Rating 160 HP
Cutting Gearbox Rating 130 HP
Gearbox Warranty 10 Year Limited
Blade Tip Speed 540 / 1000 16,000 FPM / 16,600 FPM
Cutting Capacity 2 inches Diameter
Deck Center 10-gauge
Deck Wing 10 gauge
Axle Cushions, Center Cushioned Springs at Each Axle Arm
Wing Adjustments Heavy Duty Turnbuckle
Grass/ Crop Distribution Standard Baffles
Safety Tow Chain Standard
PTO Driveline Support Standard
Highway Safety Lights Standard
Warranty 10 Year Gearbox Limited | 1 Year Machine Limited



Performance Features

  • Fully baffled decks eliminate windrowing
  • Half axle spindles make for quick and economical servicing
  • Center section blades closely align with center section wheels to cut better in ditch bottoms
  • Grease fittings and steel bushings at axle pivot points extend life at pivot areas
  • Free floating wings engage the hydraulic lift cylinders less extending cylinder life
  • Smooth-top deck design makes clean-up a snap
  • High blade tip speeds shear through tough vegetation with ease

Construction Features

  • Reinforced strongbacks and gearbox stands are designed to withstand years of frequent use
  • Spring suspension within each axle arm is tuned to reduce shock and provide a smoother ride
  • Patented oil sight gauges in all three cutting gearboxes allow for quick and easy oil level checks
  • E-Z lube drivelines align to reduce maintenance time
  • Turnbuckle aligns with wing hinge pins to ensure long life of turnbuckle and less hinge wear
  • Easily adjustable leveling rods

Safety Features

  • Single Row Chains come standard to reduce the potential for thrown objects exiting the cutter deck
  • ¼” Sidebands withstand continual abrasion and the toughest thrown objects
  • Blade Bolt Hole Covers eliminate the possibility of material exiting through the top of the deck
  • Roll Stop keeps Perma-Level Hitch from rolling over during hookup